Sunday, June 16, 2013

Google's Project Loon

An undated handout photograph made available by Google shows a balloon floating over New Zealand as part of Google's 'Project Loon' in New Zealand. -EPA
I read about Google's Project Loon this afternoon. Google is working on bringing Internet connection to remote areas of the world by sending balloons to the edge of space. These balloons, carried by the wind, would be at altitudes twice as high as commercial planes, can beam Internet access to the ground at speeds similar to today's 3G networks or faster.

While still in the early stages, the plan is for Project Loon eventually to launch thousands of balloons to provide Internet to remote parts of the world, allowing more than four billion people with no access to get online. This access could also be used to help after natural disasters, when existing communication infrastructure is affected.

"The idea may sound a bit crazy - and that's part of the reason we're calling it Project Loon - but there's solid science behind it," Google said, but added: "This is still highly experimental technology and we have a long way to go." - The Star

The world will be a more connected world when this becomes a reality, allowing better access to information as well as providing more convenience.  Shopping can be done from even the remotest part of the world, buying stuff from the comfort of one's home.

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