Saturday, June 15, 2013

Diabetics statistics in Malaysia alarming

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Speaking of medical equipment and health,  at the 4th National Diabetes Conference here yesterday, Obesity Prevention Council President, Jong Koi Chong reported that compared to 2006 where only 8.6 percent adults in Malaysia had diabetes, the most recent study done in 2011 showed 15.2 percent adults were diabetic. An alarming 3.6 million adults are estimated to be affected by diabetes in Malaysia.

He's right when he said that is not an achievement to be proud of.

More bad news, Malaysian Diabetes Association (MDA) President, Professor Datuk Dr Ikram Shah Ismail, said Malaysia had surpassed the World Health Organisation's estimation of 807,000 diabetics in 2025.

Diabetes is a chronic disease that can be prevented and for those affected, diabetes can be managed to delay or prevent its complications. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and making better choices in one's diet can prevent or manage diabetes and its complications - Director of Medical Development department in the Health Ministry, Datuk Dr Azmi Shapie.

Blindness, kidney failure, gangrene leading to amputations and heart disease are complications that can be prevented by making better choices and having a balanced diet, Dr Azmi added.

"Making small changes in our lifestyle will make a big difference. We should walk more, take the stairs instead of an elevator and avoid fatty food, especially, late night," he said.

Dr Azmi also advised the public to go for regular medical check up at least twice annually. - Bernama

Source: The Star

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