Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Termites eating away

Haze or no haze, given the high humidity here, we are faced with the high possibility of pest infestation in our homes.

A co-worker in the office was sharing about her current experience with termites that are silently eating away at her kitchen cabinets. Living near a forest reserve may be cooling but she has to contend with more insects than would an urban-dweller. She has seen giant spiders, ants of different varieties, millipedes and centipedes, even snakes. The risk of termites is a given. Mosquitoes? All the time but more so in hot weather.

She shared a website where she could buy products for termite extermination. If you have a need, here it is: for termidor sc

I was curious enough so I checked out the site and was surprised that there are so many different products to ward off the equal number of pests that we can be exposed to from the common ants, rats, fleas, silverfish to the more 'exotic' earwigs, pillbugs, and more.

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