Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Frolics - What Wizard of Oz Character are you?

Hi! It's Friday again. There are many good things about Fridays. To begin with, it is the last day of the workweek for most and today being Deepavali, it's a public holiday adding another day to the weekend. I see the sun is up and the sky is blue which promises to be an awesome setting for a festival and a weekend.

More good news - people are returning to their homes in Kelantan after the flood waters have receded. Over in Borobudur, the UNESCO World Heritage ancient Buddhist complex of Borobudur has been cleaned of the sulphur ashes from Mount Merapi and visitors can once again go up the temple. My girlfriend would be pleased to know that as her trip is coming up end of this month. But I digress.

This week's quiz is about Wizard of Oz and what character of it you are. Have some fun!

You Are the Scarecrow

You value intelligence, and you would like to be as smart as possible. You love to learn.

You may feel like you're naive, but you're gaining knowledge every day.

You are well aware of your limitations, but you are ignorant of your own strengths.

You are quick-witted and extremely insightful. You just need the confidence to see your own common sense.


  1. I wonder what does it say..

  2. It is a tough job to define ones own character. I think the best explanation can be given by the people surrounding us.