Sunday, November 21, 2010

See's Peanut Brittle

Thank goodness some of the best foods available are not seasonal. Take peanut brittle, for instance. I love this snack and could never tire of it. I have only tasted our local version of peanut brittle and not sure how foreign versions look like until I came across See's peanut brittle. Below is how it looks like. Don't they look inviting!

A check on their website says that See's peanut brittle has more peanuts per square inch unlike any other. It's made from Mary See's old-fashioned recipe - a blending of fresh AA-grade butter, pure sugar, premium whole peanuts, and their own proprietary ingredients. They must really be good in view of all those positive reviews. I like it that we don't have to wait for Christmas to give them out. They are all-year-round goodies.


  1. oh yeah, that definitely look very inviting, a lot better looking that our local version right?? nice snack, but then beware of the cholesterol and calories too~~ :p

  2. Anonymous4:06 PM

    I don't take much peanuts as I am not a fan of peanuts. Except peanut butter spread for bread.

  3. The Peanut Brittle brand is quite attractive one for me.I like the crispy peanut in between the biscuit. The taste is quite good and I love this brand.

  4. I have not eaten these peanut brittle before, but I love peanut butter!! : )