Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Retargeting Advertising increases conversion rate

Ever heard of retargeting advertising? There is a growing trend on companies tapping into the benefits of this new advertising strategy to increase their conversion rate.

Retargeting advertising, also referred to as behavioral retargeting or simply Retargeting, is a form of online advertising that is delivered to website visitors based on previous visits to a site - visitors who leave without a conversion or a purchase. Retargeting brings the customer back to a site previously visited, in other words. This helps to increase conversion rate for the site or business resulting in higher profits.

There are companies that specialize in retargeting. These retargeting companies help companies grow their business using this business advertising strategy. Recrue Media is one such online retargeting company. Recrue Media's key to successful online retargeting advertising is their largest audience reach with over 90% of US Internet users in their database indicating that advertisers are assured the widest reach of websites for their banner ads.. This ad technology ensures that retargeting advertising will reach the targeted audience with frequency and encourage their return visit.

For a better understanding of retargeting, check out the video below for a retargeting demonstration. As more and more companies are getting on Facebook, Recrue Media is now offering Facebook Retargeting. Call them for a free consultation.

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