Monday, November 15, 2010

TheFreebieSource - Freebies for Everyone

Don't we all want free stuff. Not only freebies can reduce our monthly expenditure, we can also get to try out new stuff and widen our horizons a bit. Here's a site you would love -

TheFreebieSource has a ton of freebies and samples from free Ziploc bags to health foods and pet foods, coupons for clothes, etc., VistaPrint business cards, gourmet samples, free baby products, free samples of cosmetics, Student freebies and much much more. You simply have to check out these freebies. Also, don't be left out. Sign up for their weekly newsletter to get updated on their latest freebies. It's free!


  1. Just last week, I was at the stage saying "I am not here to sell you stuffs, I'm here to give you stuffs."

    And I had a great receptive laughter from the audience.

    We all just can't get enough of free things! Great site!

  2. nice idea to give away free samples.. but i'd rather they do it at the LRT stations, then i'd most probably get some freebies.. hehehe~~ :p

  3. Who doesn't like free stuff? :D

  4. Thanks for this useful link. The site will provide a lot of freebies to all of us.