Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Modular space systems increase the amount of valuable floor space

Many companies nowadays are turning to modular space systems and sustainable modular building structures for office spaces, warehousing purposes and other uses.

Warehouse mezzanine systems and InPlant Wall Systems, using prefabricated in-plant offices and mezzanines, are great ways to maximize space efficiency in warehouses and other larger buildings. Usable floor space can be sectioned off in In-plant offices as storage facility or made into comfortable, temperature-controlled offices. Installation of these sections or enclosures is quick and easy without compromising on quality or comfort.

In recent years, building "green" in line with caring for the environment is a growing trend of customers opting for green modular building systems. One such building system is Mod 5. Offered by Modular Space Systems, Mod 5 is an advanced sustainable building system adaptable to many climate and application specific facilities. Mod 5 uses state-of-the-art green sustainable modular building technologies and high quality, recyclable material. It's sophisticated green sustainable modular building system can accommodate many different design options. This trait can greatly improve the efficiency of the building depending on the local climate conditions of the site and the application of the building.

Modular Space Systems (MSS) offers custom solutions for all unique construction requirements. They provide and install Mezzanines, In Plant Wall & Enclosure Systems, Modular Buildings, Security Booths, Fabric Structures, Green Buildings and more. They can help you with the design and concept of your modular building system.


  1. Floor management is a technique that is considered to be crucial in different industries. The post is very important and would be helpful to those who are involved in this field.

  2. Great info for those involved in the industries. :)

  3. great information
    floor management is really a great way to maximize space

  4. i thin this has been quite common in other countries.. and i heard that with modular spaces, you can even just move the building to another place in a whole chunk and then just resemble it back.. cool huh?? :)

  5. Vegas Vip, thank you.

    Lina, thank you.

    PPrince, indeed.

    SK, true of what you said. My office is using this type of system. We are also using modular furniture so relocating offices do not incur extra cost. They just get knocked down and reinstalled in new location.

  6. Those are some nice modular building systems. They are getting more advanced than portable metal boxes. Those large windows with green frames on the front of that building are impressive. novaportable.com.au

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