Tuesday, November 2, 2010

MAS' Boeing 737-800 & Where do planes go to die

The Star reported that Malaysia Airlines is set to become the first full-service airline in the world to operate the B737-800 with the new Boeing Sky Interior.

To enhance passenger comfort, the interior design is similar to that installed in the B787 Dreamliner and features the use of mood lighting.

Other improvements include a higher ceiling, larger windows, leather seats, touch-screen inflight entertainment units, individual power supply, bigger stowage bins and USB ports for electronics.

The aeroplane is listed at US$70mil (RM217mil) and can accommodate 16 seats in business class and 144 in economy class.

The plane will make its inaugural flight on Monday to Kota Kinabalu, MAS’ new eastern hub, where it will be based, followed by a commercial flight to Haneda Airport in Tokyo, Japan.

MAS has ordered 54 more B737-800, in addition to 25 Airbus A330-300 and six A380 that will be delivered in stages to replace its older fleet.

We often hear of new planes being bought. Ever wondered what happens to planes after they have been retired? Where do planes go to die? Here you can read about Where old aeroplanes go to die, the Boeing way..


  1. Too bad...I have never been onto a small aricraft yet. Boeing? Really
    "Boh Eng" o. :p

  2. Tekkaus you are too "Boh Eng" to fly in a Boeing..haha. HappySurfer do they prefer burial or cremation? hahaha.tQ

  3. I don't know really,may be to junkyard.....

  4. Well, you just have to make yourself "Eng" to get new experiences, Tekkaus.

    Bananaz, neither. They get a new lease on life by being recycled - at least some of the parts. If you get the chance, read the interesting article linked.

    Eugene, the linked article has the answer..

  5. Oh, flashy looking new aircraft. It's good to hear that they're operating new ones. I haven't been using MAS for quite a while after the last bad experience. Their thermostate went bad and they said they could do nothing about it. I've been using SIA for a long time because theirs are always new and comfy. I believe they change their SIA crafts every 5 years.

  6. Yeah, I read that one too - about them changing their planes every five years - which in a way accounts for their tickets costing more too.

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