Friday, November 12, 2010

Penang Bridge International Marathon (PBIM) 2010

Festivals are always food fest time. Our multi-ethnic society enables every community to celebrate each other's festivals and get invited to the many parties and open houses each festival bring. The most recent festival being Deepavali. For those who enjoy spicy Indian food, this is the festival for such great food fare.

For some, their best diet pills would have to come to their rescue. But of course, nothing beats good ole exercise to work on those extra pounds. Running is one great exercise.

Talk about running, the Penang Bridge International Marathon is back. This PBIM Race, the biggest sports event in Malaysia, is slated for Nov 21 this year. I understand more than 23,500 entries have been received and still counting. The Full Marathon category had to be closed for entries several days ahead of the closing date as the maximum capacity has been reached. The organizer is no longer able to provide any more imported running vests by New Balance, their official apparel sponsor for this year, as well as a few other items.


  1. hahaha, talked so much and i thought you are going to participate in the marathon, but you didn't did you?? :p

  2. I can't run marathons. Not enough stamina, haha!!

  3. SK, LOL! 26 miles, wor!

    Foong, to be able to run in marathons takes a lot of training.