Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Planning to redeem a Fat Free Fryer

It's so nice to go shopping without having to pay for it and I'm not even talking about using a debit card or a credit card. I'm talking about spending your reward points - but of course, you first had to spend the money before you are able to accumulate the points to spend them. The point here is, shopping without having to put up any payment upfront. Realtime.

While going through the redemption catalogue the other day, I came across this little kitchen darling, a fat-free fryer. How cool is that?! Frying without having to use oil! I'm not much for fried food, mainly because of the oil staying in the food, but this great tool could change all that. It's a

PRINCESS Classic Fat Free Fryer
Model: 181000
1250W - 3 Litre - Fryer without oil - Complete with a useful filling funnel, timer, observation window, crumb tray and removable basket
But before I go out and redeem one, does anyone already have one? How does the food taste like? I once tried making fish crackers in a microwave oven - no oil required - but they turned out blekkk! Never did that again. Fat-free is good and all but sure don't want to end up with a white elephant sitting pretty in some dark recesses of my kitchen cabinet. So, if you have such a fryer or know anything about it, how about sharing your experience(s)?


  1. hi, i agree with u that it is great to get something for free,(and it is still free, even if it is a redemption. you may have paid to accummulate the points, but you would have bought those things anyway.)
    that fat free fryer, how is it different from a halogen oven? it looked like one. if it is , and is marketted as a fat free fryer, that is very clever, and all praise to the PR who first thought of it. and if u can use it as a halogen oven as well, so much the better. more use for it as a halogen oven than a fat free fryer.

  2. i've seen this before.. but naming it as a fat-free fryer is rather misleading, what i knew is that it need less oil to fry (yes, you still need oil, maybe 1 tablespoon rather than one whole pot).. anyway, i find that interesting, it's nice to redeem it with your points.. so how many million points needed?? haha..

  3. CML, sure sounds like a halogen oven, doesn't it? But looking at the halogen ovens in this article, this fat free fryer (a tongue-twister sort of) seems a lot simpler, I think.

    Halogen ovens are not yet the rage here. The article says, it works like an oven, cooks faster, easier to clean, compact and a lot cheaper than a conventional oven. Sounds like we've got a winner here.

  4. SK, still needing oil but a lot less is still a winner. It can be redeemed with 77.2k points. Am looking at other items in addition.

  5. hi there, so did you get the fryer? I am looking at redeeming exactly the same thing w points../ any advise appreciatd!