Saturday, July 28, 2012

Olympics Opening Ceremony in Pictures

Source: BBC

The Queen declared the London Olympics officially open, before seven young athletes were given the honour of lighting the ceremonial flame. That's right, seven young athletes lit the cauldron, a secret that was kept right up to the moment.

The spectacular ceremony featured British celebrities and sports people, including David Beckham and Bradley Wiggins, and screen characters Mr Bean and James Bond. More..

If you have missed the Opening Ceremony of the London Olympics, no worries as there are lots of pictures online.

BBC is a great source for the Opening Ceremony pictures.

More on the BBC website..

And from Time magazine..
More from Time magazine..


  1. did you stay up last night to watch the ceremony?? hahaha.. i was soundly asleep, and have not bother to google more photos of the ceremony yet.. :p

  2. I did not stay up to watch the opening ceremony. Watched the comical Mr Bean on Youtube. Nice! Overall, I still think Beijing Olympics 2008 has the best opening ceremony ever! : )

  3. wasn't able to watch the entire opening ceremony. but i must say the giant torch was spectacular. :)

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