Friday, July 6, 2012

You can rent a knee-walker

A fractured bone resulting from a misadventure is a bane to one's mobility.

A colleague limped into the office on crutches this morning and got everyone excited all wanting to know how he sustained his injuries. A rough tackle at a soccer match over the weekend brought on a fractured foot. He is with a football team in a state football league.

Crutches are quite troublesome to use and may cause a fall from the lack of balancing. A knee-walker is a better alternative. A roll-a-bout knee-walker provides more comfort and less of a hassle to use. A knee-walker may cause a storage issue when not in use but the good news is, knee-walkers are now available for rent and for a reasonable rate too - no worries about storage and easily available when needed. A win-win!

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