Monday, July 16, 2012

Bank Negara issues new notes

New Malaysian currency notes go into circulation today.

The new notes comprise RM100, RM20, RM10, RM5 and RM1 denominations, in bright colours and motifs depicting Malaysia's cultural heritage and nature.

The RM20 note makes a comeback in this series, while a new polymer substrate is used for the RM5 and RM1 banknotes.

Among the enhanced security features on the new notes are a shadow image, clear window, watermark portrait with pixel and highlighted numerals, colour shifting security thread, micro lens thread, perfect see-through register and coloured glossy patch.

A tactile identification feature has also been included to aid the visually-impaired to identify denominations.

What do you think of the new colours?

Source: The Star


  1. So many new notes. So colourful also. ;p

  2. i have been looking forward to these new notes.. nicer design i think.. but i wonder why only RM1 and RM5 are in plastics and not the rest??

    looking forward to using the new RM20 that makes a come back, haha~~

  3. I love the colours! It looks just like ice cream! :)

  4. any mention of when the old notes will cease to be legal tender?

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