Saturday, July 7, 2012

Free McDonald's CocaCola Glass with every McD's Glass Meal

Collectors of collectibles will be happy to note that McDonald's is back again with their set of free CocaCola glasses. This time, McDonald's is celebrating The Olympics and they are giving away a free CocaCola glass with every Coca-Cola Glass Meal and there are 18 choices to choose from! And.. I've got the first Coke Glass. Yay!

Unlike the previous set of McDonald's glasses, The Olympics set features six sports events that are being included in the summer games in London 2012. The first Coke glass which is grey/charcoal, features Football. This grey Football glass has been available since July 6 and will be until July 12, while stocks last, that is.

Embossed on one side of the glass (on the outerside), is an image of a footballer about to kick the ball and the words London 2012 below the image. The other side of the glass has the words "CocaCola proud partner". Here's an image of the first free CocaCola glass that features Football.

The remaining 5 glasses will feature, in order,

- Cycling (purple) - Starts July 13
- Athletics (green) - Starts July 20
- Swimming (blue) - Starts July 27
- Gymnastics (red) - Starts Aug 3
- Basketball (turquoise) - Starts Aug 10

The image at top of post shows the entire range of the McDonald's CocaCola glasses. Grab them while stocks last and from previous experience, they don't last long. You know what I mean. Happy collecting!

** All of a sudden I was thinking collectors in Johor Bahru would have some buying-competition from collectors across the Causeway.

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  1. yeah, it's the coca-cola glass again!!! i've collected the previous two sets, and i don't think i'm going to collect anymore..