Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Frolics - What Kind of Diner Food Are You?

Someone noticed something missing today here. It's Friday and what's missing is our quiz for the week. Thank you, SK, for the tickle.

While the clock is ticking towards the Opening Ceremony of the London Olympics, let's get frolicking on a personality quiz in the meantime. Let's talk about food, everyone's favourite topic, certainly.

If you were food, what kind of diner food do you think you would be? Take the quiz to find out.

As for rating, I'd give it a 3.5

1 = Absolutely not true
2 = Some truth
3 = 50% true
4 = Mostly true
5 = Close to 100% true

Happy Friday, everyone and enjoy the Opening Ceremony!

I Am Meatloaf

You are old fashioned and traditional. In fact, you'd go as far as to call yourself retro.

You have a strong appreciation for the classics, especially forgotten classics. Why try to invent the wheel?

You prefer well established restaurants with menus that don't change. An old diner is right up your alley.

You're also the type most likely to always order the same thing. Why mess with perfection?


  1. a meatloaf too

  2. hmmm, you are all "old birds" hahahaha!! i am Chicken Fried Steak, hahahaha!!..

    I am bold and fearless. I tend to think big, and that includes eating big. If I'm going to go out to eat, then I'm going to order something amazing. No salads for me! I live in the now. I figure the future is uncertain, so I might as well just make the best of today. I don't believe in moderation or holding back. I just go for it, consequences be damned. :D :D :D

  3. I am chicken fried steak too.

    No salads for me! so true :)