Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Coming face-to-face with an Iceberg

Just like making a trip to the edge of a live volcano, seeing an iceberg up-close must be an experience of a lifetime. I saw an iceberg.

Gotcha! I saw a pseudo-iceberg in the sky yesterday morning.

Woke up with the sun yesterday and caught sight of this huge cloud against the blue sky and thought it looked like an iceberg. Don't you think it looks like an iceberg and with the horizon in the distance too?

Today is a Public Holiday for the State of Selangor commemorating the Birthday of the Sultan of Selangor. It's past midday and would have been a great day for an outing only thing is, it's raining outside. And heavy too.

Increased rainfall this time of the year due to the monsoon has prompted many reminders from the authorities about taking precautions in the face of floods. In case the reader thinks it's all wet and rain all the time, we have fair weather sunshiny days too this time of the year.

Proof.. Was at McDonald's yesterday. Took a picture of the drive-thru with the hot sunshine in the open.

On the subject of iceberg, came across this picture of an iceberg in relation to melting and Earth's vanishing ice.

Midnight Iceberg
Credit: Ian Joughin
The midnight sun glows off an iceberg in Disko Bay, Greenland. Icebergs calving into the sea are a major source of Greenland's ice loss.

More pictures of melting ice, meltwater stream, meltwater conduit, ice canyon, glacial lake, etc., can be viewed on livescience.com


  1. i can see more than iceberg from the clouds.. hahaha!! enjoy your celebration of the Sultan Selangor's Birthday with McD?? :p

    1. You can see more? Yeah, yummy Prosperity Burger? haha..

  2. Yuppy a floating tip of the iceberg against the horizon..that's cool.

    1. I was hoping to catch a cruising UFO too but no such luck this time.

      After sighting a UFO a few years ago, I'm always hoping to see another one whenever I look up at the sky. It's like wanting to strike lottery but such a slim chance. LOL!