Thursday, December 6, 2012

Own a piece of an island

From one property post to another..

Unlike Malaysia, the United States of America has vast tracks of land that offer a wide choice of where one wishes to live. Friends of mine in the U.S. own sprawling properties including ranches and pecan nut farms. Most of them build their own homes so houses there are unique with their own designs.

The vast U.S. land-mass naturally has a longer coastline offering more beach and coastal properties for the picking. Beaches are a natural attraction thus many people enjoy living along beaches and the coast.

U.S. also has many islands that offer beautiful homes in even more beautiful surroundings.


Manteo in North Carolina on Roanoke Island is a vibrant holiday town with great holiday attractions including restaurants, galleries, shops and the famous North Carolina Aquarium. Needless to say Manteo real estate is much sort after for any season of the year.


  1. the more interesting island for sale i heard of is the World Island in Dubai.. all are bought by the rich and famous who will become neighbours.. i wonder if this project still going on??

  2. I read that The World project has been suspended due to the effects of the global financial crisis. It was also reported that the islands have started sinking back into the sea. The only property there is the showhouse - Greenland.

    I remember reading another article that properties at Palm Jumeirah were being abandoned during the financial crisis. Shocking truth that people outside are not aware of.