Sunday, December 2, 2012

Edison Chen interview with CNN

Remember Edison Chen? The Hong Kong actor/singer who made headlines several years ago about the leaked photographs he took of a number of popular celebrities in the entertainment business?

I came across an interview he did with CNN. He said he wanted to wait till after the trial before he came out in the open to speak about it.

If you are interested to hear his part of the story, quite a revelation actually, here are the videos. The interview is in three parts but less than half an hour in total.

A lot of viewers are on his side. A few sample comments below..

He had sex and everyone found out, now he's a bad guy? Since when sex became a crime? I'm not even chinese and give respect to this guy since I became a fan of him. This is like one of those Michael Jackson trial thing, except this one was misdemeanor that was put to exaggeration. This what I hate about some medias and haters.

i dont see anything wrong about what edision did, in the first place, it takes two to tanggo.
I really think that this whole scandal has done a lot to his reputation and career. He was not the one that released the photos. Although I like most of the girls who were in the scandal, I have to say that the only reason for them to cry and blame Edison for everything that has happened was because they did not want to get blamed on. If these girls have been drugged before these pictures were taken, then how come nothing was done before the scandal broke out? I feel sorry for Edison.

I like this guy. He didn't put blame on the others, like the distributors of those photos, and he did admit to his mistakes. What more can people ask from him?

Hell, this incident doesn't even compare to the celebrity sex tapes that goes on in Hollywood.

All the haters should just get over it. However way you look at it, he does not deserve all of the negative treatments that he's been getting and certainly not deserving of getting death threats.

And one said:
edison never learned the lesson and kept taking pictures of his girlfriends while having sex after this scandal. sad.

This comment is sound advice and not just for celebrities, I think:

Moral of the story....Just burn your laptop when it's cocked up if you're a celebrity.

But then again, won't that make everyone of us paranoid in a way?


  1. Anonymous12:42 PM

    Can't understand the need to record it...

  2. One man's meat...

    An expensive lesson for all.

  3. another man's porno oops poison.

  4. At least Edison did not do it for the public. He was doing it for his own private enjoyment which is really none of our business. But Alvin and Vivian did it for the public. And for what? It's not even artistic. LOL!