Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A 121212 Post - The 11th Lunar Month and beyond

Today is 12-12-12. A string of date/month/year numbers that will only come by again in a hundred years - definitely not in our lifetime. Are you doing anything memorable to commemorate this day or will you just let it go by like any other day?

We talked about turbulence and disasters in this (10th) lunar month - which is fast coming to an end. The new lunar month, the 11th, begins tomorrow, Dec 13. What does it hold for us in the 11th lunar month?  (At the same time, we are reminded of the Mayan calendar hinting of the end of the world on Dec 21.)

Read about what to expect in the 11th lunar month in the article below.  In it is also a link to individual horoscope readings for the forthcoming Black Water Snake Year in 2013. Not very positive news for most horoscopes, I'm afraid. Still, some things can be avoided, I think.

Here goes..

Hi friends,

The General Chinese Animal Horoscope for 2013 The Year of the Snake is HERE! Before you read the individual animal horoscopes, please ensure that you read the General Fortune for 2013 at the top of the page as it will affect everyone. CLICK HERE for details of the Chinese Horoscope 2013 Snake Year --> . While reading the individual animal horoscopes, bear in mind that the projections are according to the general analysis of the animal signs only. They are not personalized projections.

As we draw closer to the Chinese New Year, you might receive many suggestions from many sources regarding the 2013 yearly Feng Shui recommendations. Should you have done a Feng Shui review for your house or commercial premises(full layout) with me previously, please do not change your arrangement because the specific recommendations that have been given to you during your Feng Shui Review will override any recommendations that might be mentioned in the yearly Feng Shui recommendations.

If you are born in the year of Snake, Pig, Tiger, Monkey and Dragon, you will be in conflict with Tai Tsui in the 2013 Snake year. However, among all the animal signs, those who are born in the years of Ox and Goat will have the weakest luck.

The Chinese New Year for the Snake will be on 10 Feb 2013. If you have done the fortune reading or life analysis a year or more ago with me, the 12 months after session support will have expired. In order to continue enjoying the support, you might want to arrange for a reading. If you have not done a reading and are interested in doing a personalized fortune reading with me, you might want to arrange for one soon in order to be able to plan ahead, as there will be more instability in the coming year and there will be some matters which will take some time to achieve and you will want to tap on all the possible opportunities. The Chinese Horoscope 2013 is only for the general public and is not tailored to an individual's case.

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There I've done it - something done on 121212 at 1212pm.  Have a really great day, everyone!  Cheers!


  1. Yuhu Bananaz off the hook no need Tai Tsui & also escaped the weakest luck coz born in the year of Elephant..o.O

    1. Good for you, no fear of Tai Tsui the coming year. Born in the Year of the Elephant is like having a perpetual "Get out of jail" card. How very lucky!

  2. Wooooo 2 month more to face the Year of 606 hehe. Any suggestion for 12:12:12 strike lottery or receiving a huge skyfall oops windfall?

  3. yeah, 121212 and many have been talking about this either in facebook or in the blog.. well, just a special number but then another normal day for me~~ :p

    1. I read that this is not such an auspicious day. People got married because the numbers are nice and easy to remember.