Monday, January 22, 2007

Baseball Cards

Collecting stuff as a hobby is popular. How many of us collect stamps, postcards, dolls, coins, bookmarks and the like. I have a friend who used to collect bus tickets. He used to travel extensively and would bring back lots of different bus tickets to add to his already large collection. Yet another collects Chinese New Year red packets. He has many albums of these and I must say, it is interesting to see the different red packets printed over the years. Collecting cards is very popular too. I remember a few years back, Pokemon cards were the rage here. I believe the cards that have been popular a long time are Sports cards especially Baseball Cards. A fan of baseball would surely have a good collection of these baseball cards.


  1. Anonymous2:18 AM

    I used to collect all those things that boys collected: stamps, coins, first day covers, badges, matchboxes, trading cards (I remember The Man From UNCLE, Astro-Boy, all those Walls' Ice cream cards, etc)..
    Now, all hilang!!

  2. LB, imagine if you are still having them, they would be quite a priceless collection!

  3. Anonymous2:53 PM

    Yeah, I could be living in the Maldives by now.... *sigh*

  4. LB, what's so nice about the Maldives? OK, I take that back. You know during the tsunami two years ago, the islands were almost wiped out. Scary thought!

  5. Wood-caving decorations are my fancy collection. I would buy something unique from a country while I visited there.
    Now, I’ve a kiwi Bird, a Thailand Elephant...

    and U, Happy?

  6. PP, wood-carving stuff is nice. I remember being very excited the first time I saw a pair of very large wooden fork and spoon on a wall in a friend's home. That was many years ago. I later found out that they were from Sarawak, East Malaysia. Sarawak has many nice things for the home. Another popular item there is the pottery, mainly vases.

    Me? I used to collect lots of stuff - stamps, coins, postcards, boyfriends - no scratch that. haha..

    I love anything beautiful, who doesn't. I love paintings but this is an expensive hobby and if I were to be on a real collecting spree, I'd need a gallery. So, I'll just stick to admiring them from a distance. These days, I'm less into material collections but more on collecting memories. Does that make sense? Nevermind, I got lost for awhile.