Saturday, January 6, 2007

X-citing deal for air travellers

Did you notice the price on the AirAsia stewardesses's t-shirts? That's the lowest price of an AirAsia X one-way ticket to the city of Manchester in Britain, Huangzhou and Tianjin. AirAsia X is the new long-haul budget airline operated by Fly Asian Xpress (FAX) that was launched yesterday. The new airline will start operations in July but passengers can book their tickets from next month.

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  1. i sometimes wonder which was the the attention-catcher - the pretty girls or the low air-fare?? RM9.99 won't even get me from my house to tesco by taxi!!

    thks for visiting & for the many comments, which i have replied individually.


  2. Anonymous6:23 AM

    Yeah, it's like all these Low Costs travel here in Europe too.. €1 to fly from Rome to New York.. but it's like it's easier to strike lottery than get that ticket! Hopefully you will have more luck with AirAsia!

  3. Doc, do they have stewards, I wonder. It's actually hard to believe they could go so low. Perhaps just two seats are made available?

    LB, yeah, luck plays a part in the booking. But going frill-less on a long-haul flight can be rather taxing, no?

  4. i've only been on air asia once & i've not seen a steward, neither on-board nor at the LCCT.

    on that flight to langkawi, i got 4 tickets 2 mths in advance at RM19.99 return each, but fuel/airport charges add another RM50 each.