Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Were there really weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? Do we have an answer to this question? All I know is that many people died during the war and many too were killed before it. Audio recordings have been recovered and were played 10 days after Saddam's hanging. He was heard justifying the use of chemical weapons against the Iraqi Kurds in the late '80s, predicting they would kill thousands and that he alone among Iraq's leaders had the authority to order chemical attacks.

Read story in The NY Times


  1. Anonymous5:29 AM

    Er, wasn't that proved that there was never any WMD in Iraq already countless times? The war in Iraq has been a sorry mess, causing so much grief & pain & hatred, on all sides.

  2. WMD does come in many forms, I suppose. Honestly, I gave up caring. What goes around comes around.