Monday, January 22, 2007

Flying in Class

I've been meaning to try out this feature about posting via email. 
Let's see whether it works.  Here's something funny to start off.
An airplane is flying over the United States at night. The pilot says:
"Ladies and Gentlemen, the plane is losing altitude and all the baggage must be thrown out."

A little later, the pilot says "We're still losing altitude, we must throw everything out that is in the cabin".

The plane continues its descent despite more things being thrown out.

Pilot: "Still going down - we must throw out some people".

There's a big gasp from the passengers!

Pilot: "But to make this fair, passengers will be thrown out in alphabetical order.

So... A... any Africans on board?" No one moves.

"B... any Blacks on board?" No one moves.

"C... any Caribbeans on board?" Still, no one moves.

A little black boy - asks his dad: "Dad,...what are we?

Dad: " Tonight son, we are Zulus!" 
Source unknown



  1. It does work though I still need to publish it from the blog itself as the post is shown as a draft.

  2. Anonymous2:52 PM

    Ok, now we know happysurfer talks to herself too....

  3. Yeah, that too and lots of other good stuff that I do. lol

    Get outta here!

  4. Wouldn't Afghans go first?

  5. MM, I suspect everyone became a Zulu on this plane. lol

    I remember in school I was always glad to be somewhere in the middle of the English alphabet.