Monday, January 1, 2007

Boise, Idaho

November and December are worrisome months for people in the east coasts of Terengganu and Kelantan. These two months are the monsoon months and the heavy downpour would normally result in floods. This year however, the weather has unpredictably changed and heavy rainfall was experienced in the south in Johor causing much loss and inconvenience to the people. Many people are still housed in relief centers waiting for the flood waters to subside so that they can head back home.

The weather here in KL has also turned for the worse. It was sunny the past week but today, the rains came. The authorities are gearing up for floods which would occur in low-lying areas in the city this time of the year.

Even East Malaysia is getting the brunt of the bad weather as there was a second case of drowning in Sabah in two days as stormy weather continued to hit the state.

If it's not floods then it's the haze or the tsunami. Is there no place safe in Malaysia anymore? Perhaps we should move to Boise in Idaho. I know, it's a long way from here but you never know, I'm guessing life could be better off there with no upheavals or worries caused by extreme weather conditions. I read that people are moving to Boise because of the quality of life there.

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