Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Guards depositing money robbed

Do you think this could be an inside job? Recently, two robbers brandishing meat cleavers threatened armed security guards and got away with RM158,000 in cash. This happened in a bank in Kuala Lumpur. It was over in five minutes.

This daring heist occurred at 1.30pm when two guards from a security company were at the bank to transfer money from a cash deposit machine to a storage compartment. The robbers grabbed the bag of money and fled.

For security reasons and incidents like this, all banks are now equipped with hidden cameras. I'm sure at least the Hidden Camera nearest the crime spot would have recorded the whole episode. The authorities would need to scrutinise the tapes to identify the robbers and apprehend them. Police have detained the guards for questioning and are investigating if it was an inside job.

These days, cameras can come nicely hidden behind items such as clocks, air fresheners, books, computer speakers, toys, pictures and lots more. Hidden cameras are not only for offices, they are also useful in the home to ensure the children get proper care from the nanny or even to find out if your spouse is cheating. You can have a choice of a wired or a wireless set. There's also a StealthCam with a built in DVR that records video direct to a Secure Digital Memory card.


  1. Here it is whether the Police has the WILL to investigate and prosecute...cameras are rendered inconsequential if the eyes of the law choose to turn away.

  2. Hi Joe, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    I'm not sure whether you've been following up on Malaysian news but of late, the Police have been very effective. The robbers in this case have been nabbed - within 36 hours of the robbery. I'm not sure what tactics or techniques they use but I think that's commendable.