Sunday, January 7, 2007

Weight Control

Many people I know are constantly talking about losing weight or seriously watching their weight. Indeed there are more obese people these days than say ten years back. Even a lot of children are grossly overweight. Could it be blamed on more fast-food joints or indiscipline? More people eat out these days and over-indulgence of fatty foods could also contribute to weight-gain. Lack of regular exercise is also a major contributory factor.

Some of my friends have signed up with a gym. In the beginning, there was much enthusiasm and they used to work out per the scheduled number of days as prescribed by their trainers. But over time, their trips to the gym were reduced and slowly trickled to a halt.

Another group of friends do not work out in a gym but concentrate on their diet, mostly refraining from high carbohydrates and eating smaller portions. The success rate of this group is more promising and their weight has been maintained. But I think exercise goes hand-in-hand with dieting.

I believe personal training can yield success with proper knowhow and relevant information. It is important to know the right kind of training and how to protect oneself from injuries during physical training. Proper nutrition is also important to ensure one stays healthy in the process of weight control.


  1. personal training & proper diet must go hand-in-hand. unfortunately, many trainers are not qualified to give professional advice on cardio-respiratory & musculo-skeletal matters. so also with dieting. how many can actually tell you how many calories you need a day & what foods will give you how many calories?? but bcos many many people are swayed by well-meaning instructors/dieticians, fitness centres are here to stay.

  2. Doc, you're right, and well-meaning is true. Thanks for your thoughts.