Friday, January 5, 2007

M.P., Sir

I realised of late I haven't been posting any jokes. I think I better put them back lest my readers abandon ship. Just kidding! Life is still funny and worth living for what it's worth; the sun still shines even though the rains come in torrents and KL City Hall braces for floods. God forbid. We are in the VMY07, that's Visit Malaysia Year 2007. Have you planned your holiday to Malaysia yet?

M.P.? Member of Parliament?

Interviewer: Your Name?
Interviewee: M.P., Sir.

Interviewer: Tell me properly.
Interviewee: Mohan Pal, Sir.

Interviewer: Your father's name?
Interviewee: M.P., Sir.

Interviewer: What dose that mean?
Interviewee: Manmohan Pal, Sir.

Interviewer: Your native place?
Interviewee: M.P., Sir.

Interviewer: Madhya Pradesh?
Interviewee: No, Munnur Pal, Sir.

Interviewer: What is your qualification?
Interviewee: M.P., Sir.

Interviewer (Angrily): What is it?
Interviewee: Matric Pass.

Interviewer: Why do you need a job?
Interviewee: M.P., Sir.

Interviewer: And what does that mean?
Interviewee: Money problem, Sir.

Interviewer: Describe your personality.
Interviewee: M.P., Sir.

Interviewer: Explain yourself clearly.
Interviewee: Magnanimous personality, Sir.

Interviewer: This discussion is now over. You may go now.
Interviewee: M.P., Sir.

Interviewer: What is it now?
Interviewee: My performance, Sir?

Interviewer: M.P.!!!

Interviewee: What is that, Sir.
Interviewer: Mentally punctured!


  1. My opinion of that joke?


    Maybe passable...

  2. Mentally Punctured, eh? More like Moronic Plonker.. LOL!