Saturday, January 27, 2007

Horror Movie

I'm not a fan of horror movies. It's no fun waking up in the morning still feeling tired and body aching all over after a restless night trying to flee and hide from those terrifyingly-looking monsters or ghosts. Perhaps this horror movie would have the same effect on these poor chickens.


  1. Anonymous6:35 PM

    haha i am very sure that it is a night mmare for them but chicken tastes nice so should we give them a night mare or dont eat it? hehe :D

  2. Anonymous10:44 PM

    Happy, how in the world have you gotten away with not switching to the new Blogger? Google has started forcing everyone to switch!

  3. Anonymous5:12 PM

    Fortunately these birds don't think like humans do, or else they will infect themselves with bird-flu to get mankind screwed!

  4. Sin Ling, horrors!! Just don't eat chicken in front of chicken.

    MM, you are right that Google is now trying their utmost to get bloggers to switch. I don't know whether it's good or not to stay with the old Blogger until the ultimatum is served. Are you now on the new version? Is it a better version? Pls share your experience.

    Joe, LOL! Thanks for that amusing little rhyme.

  5. Anonymous11:14 PM

    Happy, I wasn't given a choice! I was forced to switch to the new one if I wanted to add anymore new posts! So far I haven't noticed a whole lot of difference. There are some new features I haven't used yet. The only real benefits I see is that you don't have to enter word verification codes to comment on your own blog. Also, posts seem to be published faster and neater.

  6. MM, thank you. I've come across some bloggers ranting about the new version. From your input, it's not so bad afterall. Anyway, I believe no company goes out to make life difficult for their customers.