Saturday, April 26, 2008

2000th Post

This is my 2000th post. Yep, Post # 2000!

Can't imagine I've been yadda-yadda-ing for so long. Hmm... 2000, if it were to be my weight (2000 pounds), I wouldn't be able to go through the door, any door, I'd need to be carried around. Ants would be avoiding even my shadow, I'd empty the jacuzzi just by stepping in. Life would be miserable.

Definitely no other way than to go on a strict diet and would have to try out every diet formula, such as Fenphedra or some other magic potion to get me back into my regular tight jeans and minis.

Okay. Stop!! Imagined fat is making me berserk!


  1. 2000th Post?!! Yegads!! Really? OMG, I'm not even 500 yet!! But that means I'm slimmer than you.. Good, good! And Congrats on your 2000th! That is a scary number!

  2. Anonymous8:09 PM

    Waah happy 2000th post! You are so resourceful!

    I am really having hard times on posting. Not that I have no time, I have plenty of time. I just don’t know what to write … :(

  3. LB, thanks. I agree, scary number indeed. Oh well, it's just a number.

    Andie dear, you are so sweet!!

    Here's a tip. How about posting about this happy surfer hitting 2000, eh? ;) Kidding! No way! I'm sure you have lots to write about.

  4. Forget the weight. Be glad you aren't 2000 years old!

    (Congrats on this milestone.)

  5. PandaB, Gee! I didn't think about that. 2000 years old. hmm.. The mind boggles.