Saturday, April 12, 2008

Superfoods for SuperPeople

Never before have we been more conscious about what we eat. Similar to computer technology, food intake also plays along the concept of GIGO (garbage in, garbage out) as we are what we eat.

Thanks to technology, we are now able to identify the foods that are good for our body as well as the not-so-good foods to avoid or to consume less of. Technology also makes it convenient and available the superfoods, Orovo, we need at arm's length.

Whatever, I still need my char kway teow once in a while. Yes, everything in moderation, including this favourite fried rice noodles that is so uniquely Malaysian!


  1. And Lormaikai, eh?

  2. Trinity says she wants to come here, but can't, so I am saying hello for her..

  3. That is so sweet, LB. Hello, Trin, and hello to you too, LB.

    Yes, and Lormaikai. Of course!

  4. Even 'good food' can be harmful if consumed too much.

    There is also this debate regarding the merits of organic food versus genetically modified food. I am confused with all those arguments (#_#)

  5. Hallo LB thank you for your sweet treat for me! Hallo Happysurfer...

    Happy lormaikai day.. hehe

    How about spirulina? aloe vera? hahaha

  6. Wah there is how deep is your love leisure remix here! hahaha

  7. KS, I totally agree. Everything in moderation is a safe bet, I think.

    Hello Trinity. Whoa, you must be very healthy.

    Great song, yeah?