Monday, April 28, 2008

Ah Beng's e-Meow

Someone needs Engrish lessons here. If there's something or someone that's the bane of the English language, it most certainly must be Ah Beng.

Ah Beng is an imaginary local dude of Chinese origin, who has limited grasp of the English language and who makes you roll in laughter with his antics and his logic. Together with his girlfriend, Ah Lian , you'd be sure to have endless side-splitting moments. For starters, let's see what Ah Beng has to say to Ah Lian in his e-Meow, I mean email.

Dear Ah Lian

Thanks you for your letter. Wrong time no see you. How everything? For me, I am quiet find.

You say in your letter your taukeh soh want you to chain your look?
Somemore you must wear kick kok soo, hope you can wok properly.

You know, Ah Kau Kia working in a soft where company now. Last week, He take I, Muthu & few of his friend to May Nonut to eat barger. After that he take we all go to kalah ok.

Muthu sing and sing no stop until the sky bright.

Next week, my father mother going to sellerbread 20 years annie wear sari. My father mother going to give a fist to all the kampong people. So You must come with your hole family.

I only hope one day we no need to write and send letter to you and to me.
Better I e-meow you, you e-meow me. I will ketchup with you soon. And when you got time, please few free to call me. Goo bye.....

Worm regard,
Ah Beng


  1. Ah Beng will always be Ah Beng!! LOL..

  2. Know need good sperring mah, so wrong can here and understand e-naff o'lady.

  3. Anonymous3:37 PM

    Hey, Ah Beng is my fend you know. Dun laf at my fend. Not nice one...

  4. LB, right! Just like Mr Bean will always be Mr Bean.

    Hi Agus, wrong time no sea. I spose u r wright. Can understand gud enuf la.

    Andie, oh no, on the contrary, I was just marvelling at the versatility of the Engrish language. Actually, this is a hybrid language we call Singlish (as spoken in Singapore) and Manglish (as spoken in Malaysia). I suppose you can call it Pidgin English. It's part of our culture now. No offence to anyone, yeah?