Friday, April 25, 2008

New Lifestyle Diet Program

There is no shortage of diet programs out there for people who are watching weight. I recently came across this New Lifestyle Diet method. While the immediate goal of the program is to ensure that you rapidly lose weight, their bigger goal is to ensure that you have the skills for keeping it off for the rest of your life. As they put it, they want to ensure that this is the last program you will ever need.

This New Lifestyle Diet program involves you being provided with a comprehensive set of lesson plans each week via email. This will not only give you the opportunity to think about the issues in your own life, you will also be provided with the skills for overcoming past behaviors and developing new ones that are critical to long-term weight loss success. You will also be provided with a detailed 6-week transition and maintenance strategy for when you reach your goal weight. The transition and maintenance strategy is a key part of your overall success and just the beginning of a very exciting new chapter in your life.

All diet plans ensure that the diet is nutritionally-balanced. The New Lifestyle Diet is no different. It is a portion-controlled, nutritionally balanced fast weight loss program that allows your body to rapidly lose weight, by burning fat for energy. Their Women’s and Men’s programs are nutritionally balanced and formulated with a proven combination of calories, carbohydrates, and protein, ensuring that fast weight loss will be achieved, while still maintaining lean muscle.

A Women's Program would look something like this:

and the Men's Program would be something like this:

- Take 1 Multivitamin and drink at least 8 cups of water or non-caloric beverage daily

- Pudding/Shakes, Puddings, Hot Soups, Hot Drinks, Oatmeal, Cereal, and Smoothies are interchangeable and can be customized as part of the program to include your favorite flavors.

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  1. Cut out the land animals, eat fresh food. No need processed special "diet" foods.