Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mother Earth is Dying

Yesterday, April 22, was Earth Day. To most of us, Earth Day means nothing though we are aware that the weather we are experiencing is not what it used to be.

Here in Kuala Lumpur, it's been raining torrents the past few days which we have not experienced previously. I had a chat with our company gardener today and he said that his sister in India is not able to plant the usual crops which have been planted all these years at this time of the year. This is because the grounds are too soggy with too much rainfall. People like her are the ones who feel it most when their livelihood is threatened.

Global-warming is a big issue right now and everyone is affected whether we like it or not. Icebergs in Greenland are melting at an alarming rate, land-masses are exposed due to the retreating ice and glaciers are shedding ice into the ocean.

Two days ago, a river embankment in a district in Muar collapsed. Vehicles were seen falling into the river. I remember reading sometime back that Muar, being low-lying, might one day be overrun by water, meaning that Muar may no longer exist. Scary thought this piece of news. Cities are now at risk of rising waters and which cities do you think are at most risk? Check out MSN's list of 10 US cities most at risk.

The stark truth is, the Earth is dying and it's up to everyone of us to do our part to save her. We really have no choice. It's not like we have somewhere else to go to.

Let's Go Green. Here are some ideas to get us started:
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Source: MSN


  1. Yeah, I must stop drinking from bottled water.. Every minute, there's about 140,000 plastic bottles discarded. Can you imagine?

  2. "Eat fresh. Buy produce from local farmers rather than at the grocery store."

    What if there are no local farmers. Are you going to drive 50km to buy veggies from farm?

  3. LB, people here are fortunate that tap water is safe to drink generally, although much safer when filtered.

    Is bottled water the norm over there?

    KS, in answer to your question, no, I will not do that. To me, nothing beats commonsense. I'll have to forego the fresh veggies and get them from my regular source nearby. You win some, you lose some. Would you?