Saturday, April 5, 2008

Amazon's New Service, TextBuyIt

When it comes to books, Amazon comes to mind. Shopping in a physical bookstore may be nice where you are able to browse through the shelves and even flip the pages to read a little. However, sometimes the titles you are looking for aren't available or you need to spend time looking for it. With Amazon, even though you may only get to see a virtual copy of the book, at least you'll be able to find it, most times at least.

Online shoppers of Amazon will be happy to note that Amazon has recently launched a new service to better serve their shoppers.

Amazon's new service, TextBuyIt, launched Tuesday, lets shoppers compare prices and buy things with a few quick taps on their cell phones.

If a searched item has a match, the service returns two results in which you can immediately buy one by texting back either "1" ot "2". If you need more information is needed, you can just enter the letter "M".

If you are a new customer, you will be prompted to enter the email address associated with your existing Amazon account and a shipping zip code. Confirmation of purchase is also by text message and e-mail and you can check order status on the Amazon website.

By the way, for Malaysians, with the government providing a tax-deductible amount of up to MYR1000 a year on books and other reading material, wouldn't it make sense to give gifts of books and reading material? This tip came along with other Income Tax tips which I will share in a separate post. In the meantime, happy shopping for books and others!


  1. I used to buy books from Amazon, because it was not easy buying books in English in Italy..

  2. The Internet makes life so much easier, doesn't it? I was thinking, should power go out the world over, (knock on wood, no) what would people do? One thing's for sure. There'd be more babies nine months later. hehe...

  3. i was buying from them for a while.. until i have a change in reading habits.

    Hmm.. this days, I realised that I read less and sleep more.

    I wonder why

  4. I picked up a few from MPH the other day, one of them is by the Daiai Lama and I thought of you picking one such at the airport once.

    Sleep is not a bad option. It's good for the body just like books feed the imagination, at least.