Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Manchester United 1, Barcelona 0

I slept late last night, err... this morning, actually.

I was among Manchester United fans around the world who joined the fortunate 75,000 or so at Old Trafford in celebrating the Champions League semi-final win over Barcelona this morning, Malaysia time.

Final score: Manchester United 1, Barecelona 0
The Hero: Paul Scholes

Yes!! Next stop: Moscow for the finals. This one promises great excitement as it's going to be an all-England final between Manchester United and either Chelsea or Liverpool.

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  1. Hahaha!! You sure you're not going to marry me?!! *hic* Absolutely? Definitely? Nothing can change your mind?

    What an amazing goal from Scholes!
    What terrific play by Tevez!
    What a defensive wall by Brown & Ferdinand!!
    What cool saves from Van de Saar!!
    What a twat by Carrick!

  2. LOL
    You are funny, LB.

    Yeah, Scholes saved the day.
    Tevez = juggernaut.
    Brown gives me the jitters - the phobia of OG, I guess.
    Van de Saar did well. Yep!
    Carrick? haha.. Fletcher too.

    See you in Moscow then.