Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Fool and His Money......

Yesterday I received an SMS in the local language congratulating me that my SIM card had won me RM30,000 in cash from Petronas and I was given a 15-digit number to call to claim the prize money. Sender: hotlink.

Oh no, you don't! Of course, I ignored the message. No way is that fat amount of money falling on my lap just like that. This is not the first time such an SMS was received. I got one almost like that several months ago. A friend said that this is a current scam going on right now.

When it comes to scams, people fall prey all the time. Just a few days ago, a girlfriend confided that she lost her money (she did not say how much) in one. She was told she had won some money and that they would like to transfer it to her bank account. Happy about her windfall, this unsuspecting, elated girlfriend of mine gladly provided her debit card number and wham all her cash in there was gone.

Up to today, those scam letters are still coming from Africa. I recently received one and I stand to benefit millions and millions of US dollars if I help them claim the money and bring it out of the country. Oh well........

Do you have any lessons learned to share?


  1. You're right. Money of that magnitude does not fall onto your lap without ropes attached. The only lesson is to ignore such wanton wealth!

  2. You're very smart that easy money doesn't appear from thin air just like that. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

    You're smart. Stay smart :)

  3. Maxis seems to have the largest share of scam SMS.

  4. LB, yes, ignore. Ropes. hehe..

    Hi Mockingbird! Sound advice you have there too. Thanks. I don't know about smart but there are too many stories about scams that one tends to be cautious and skeptical of easy money.

    KS, I wonder why.