Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Auspicious Colors to Wear during Chinese New Year 2011

2013 colours to wear for Chinese New Year

Check out 2012 color to wear and day to start work, Year of the Dragon

I have colleagues who strictly adhere to dressing by stipulated colors during the first few days of the Chinese New Year. Do you also have this inclination?

Want to know what color(s) to wear during the Chinese New Year to enhance your luck? For non-Chinese, if you know the zodiac animal sign you were born in, you too could take steps towards better luck in the Year of the Rabbit. Below is the chart.

First day of Chinese New Year or Spring festival is on Feb 3

For those who would like to know what your Chinese Zodiac sign is, here is a Chinese Zodiac Sign Calculator that can tell you your sign. Thanks to KhengSiong for sharing this useful tool. Thanks, KS.

Bananaz posted an interesting query. I have a colleague who wears EVERYTHING RED inside out on the first day of CNY. That's following it to the hilt, of course, but I think the external colors are good enough. As to your other query, wearing a shirt with the predominant color is good enough, from what I read. That goes for the ladies, as well.

Now, know when to stop/start work before/after the Chinese New Year.


  1. Thanks for the info though I don't think I will follow it strictly : )

  2. This applies to ladies for the full dress or blouse also can do, does that include bra & panties hehe? So for the men can wear any pants color but the shirt to follow accordingly or both must be same color?. Not wearing anything this coming CNY cant find my Elephant sign ~;). tQ.

  3. This link contains a tool to determine a person's Chinese Zodiac based on date of birth.

  4. Red is always the best! :D

  5. i'm starting work on the 5th day, let me go and prepare myself a green shirt to wear.. :p

  6. oh BTW i changed my blog background to striking red that you hate most, hahaha!! but CNY is coming, so i thought this could be a nice "festive" color to use, hehehe~~ :p

  7. Oops, I thought it was red regardless of the animal horoscope, haha.

    Every year, my colleagues and I will arrange to wear red on one of those days to work. People will look at us when we go out together in a massive crowd of red. Haha.

    Have a great CNY, HappySurfer!
    Huat ah!!!

  8. Anonymous11:57 AM

    Hey.. Is the color chart applicable for all Lunar New Year? Coz compared with the chart for last year & they are the same.

  9. Anonymous9:30 PM

    i saw it is same as year 2010, are you sure that is the color?

  10. Thank you, All, for your comments.

    Foong, me neither.

    Bananaz, I read that it doesn't have to be completely one color. The dominant color just needs to stand out.

  11. KS, thank you so much for the link, which I've incorporated into the post. Much appreciated.

    Tekkaus, yeah, red is traditional THE color for festivities for the Chinese community.

  12. SK, you, are so sporting! Enjoy!

    Hey, so I hate red?! Great! Now the world thinks I hate red. LOL! I don't hate red, too much of that gives me a headache, that's all. Oh well.. But thank you though for thinking of me.

    Shingo, that is such a cool idea and to think that you guys/gals bother. Awww... Post a picture, eh?

    You, have a great CNY too and huat lots of chai.

  13. Hello Anonymous 1 and Anonymous 2 (or you could be the same kind person), thank you for the heads-up. Thanks for caring.

    What's posted is actually from an email that I received and which doesn't indicate the source. So I googled it and found the source. You may want to check it out.

    Thanks again for getting back. Best wishes for a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous Chinese New Year.