Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Auspicious dates to stop/start work before/after Chinese New Year

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Following up on Auspicious colors to wear for the Chinese New Year, here is a schedule for when to stop work and dates to start work after the holiday. Observing this can help you attract positive vibes to enhance your life in general - health, happiness, prosperity, etc. - in the coming year of the Metal Rabbit.

When to STOP work:
The 4 days before the Chinese New Year are suitable days to stop work - Jan 30, Jan 31, Feb 1, and Feb 2. Everybody can use any of these 4 days.

When to START work:
2011 开市或开工吉日系列:
6-2-2011 Sun (except for Dog person 肖狗忌用)
7-2-2011 Mon (except for Boar person 肖豬忌用)
8-2-2011 Tue (except Rat for person 肖鼠忌用)
9-2-2011 Wed (except for Ox person 肖牛忌用)
12-2-2011 Sat (except for Dragon person 肖龍忌用)
14-2-2011 Mon (except for Horse person 肖馬忌用)
16-2-2011 Wed (except for Monkey person 肖猴忌用)
17-2-2011 Thu (except for Rooster person 肖雞忌用)
18-2-2011 Fri (except for Dog person 肖狗忌用)
20-2-2011 Sun (except for Rat person 肖鼠忌用)

Also note When NOT to start work:
Do not start work on Thu, Feb 10 or Fri, Feb 11 though Feb 11 can be used for special purposes such as opening.

Coming up, What's in store in the coming year for the different zodiac signs. Stay tuned..


  1. Me no follow one lah as long as happy working, when also never mind,,,

    have a healthy and happy CNY

  2. Hi Eugene, to each his own, of course.

    Best wishes to you and your family for a healthy and happy Chinese New Year.

  3. Thanks for sharing! Will be sharing feng shui tips for 2011 from Lillian Too and Joey Yap on my blog soon : )

  4. oopss, guess everyday is about lucky day for me to start work as i can't see my chinese horoscope in any of the exception lists..

  5. Anonymous10:43 PM

    My workplace starts work on Monday...after the CNY weekend.

  6. 天天好天 Day Day Good Day ..same like [SK] not applicable in the exception..hehe

  7. Haha :D Does it matter?

  8. Foong, looking forward to it.

    SK, great! Happy for you!

    Mei Teng, only the Boar person will be affected this year.

  9. Bananaz, good for you!

    T, it does to people who believe. Supposed to bring better luck in the coming year as in a smoother ride in all aspects of life.