Sunday, January 2, 2011

Don't leave home without it - an eco-bag

I was caught unawares at a Jaya Jusco supermarket last night. Was at the cashier's and she asked whether I'd need a plastic bag. That was a strange question, I thought and then it hit me. It was Saturday and at JJ (as commonly-referred to) Saturdays are 'No plastic bag' days. Bummer! Sure was glad I bought just a few small items and to think that I almost bought eggs!

Just read the article that Selangor state has implemented the 'No plastic day' ruling for Saturday beginning yesterday, 1-1-11. Each plastic bag comes at a price of 20sen, proceeds of which go to charity or some worthy cause.

The ruling applies to hypermarkets, supermarkets and Petronas stations nationwide as launched simultaneously in all states yesterday. In Penang, it's 'no plastic bag and no polystyrene packing at hawker centers' everyday.

What this all means is that I'll have to remember to bring along one of those recyclable bags I've been hoarding all this while. Even gone to the extent of getting two of those (huge) blue carryalls from Ikea! Love them eco-bags. Love their hugeness and ruggedness. Is it just me? Oh well...

What about you? Do you normally have an eco-bag or two for when you need one?


  1. Anonymous12:25 PM

    I keep one in my car. It comes in handy.

  2. i need to keep one bag in my car too.. :)

  3. Love how our country is going down the eco path, even if it's just one day a week.

    I either my eco bag, or sometimes I re-use the plastic bags that I get in previous visits.

  4. I always have my eco bag handy and use it daily, not just on Saturdays.

  5. glad that the government's making an effort. :D

  6. Oh gimme 5. I kinda love those huge blue Ikea bag long long time ago but have not the grab one thinking it would be weird but not anymore now if we need to load quite a huge pack those normal eco bag are just too small.

  7. Mei Teng, wise move.

    Ken, always handy to have one available. One other item I always have in my car is an umbrella. You never know when it's going to be needed. But I digress.

  8. Shingo, along the lines of 'a journey of a thousand miles begin with the first step', eh? We have to start somewhere before we fall too far behind.

    Reading about you bringing your own bag (impressed) reminds me of a gentleman I saw the other day who had three eco-bags! Special admiration there, even more so when it wasn't a Saturday. Ahh.. life's little surprises..

    Lina, good girl!!

  9. Yencheng, hi! Yes, it sure is a positive move.

    Welcome! Thanks for stopping by.

    Bananaz, not only are the regular eco-bags small (mostly), my concern is that they may not be strong enough to stand all that weight of poultry, seafood, canned food, the whole works. The Ikea bag would do the job much better, I'm sure - and it's a lot roomier, hor? Yeah, gimme 5! Psst... and I'm tempted to pick up a few more..

  10. I do keep such a bag in my office bag. On the way back home from office, I drop by the local market an do some marketing there. It is a good substitute of polythene bags.