Monday, January 10, 2011

Do you own a Honda?

I love the smell of cut grass when a lawn is being mown. Unfortunately, something else has to give. That racket from the lawnmower on an early weekend morning is something else. My neighbourhood grasscutter was at work yesterday. There went a blissful Sunday morning..

Talk about lawnmower, I've always thought Honda is just associated with automobiles. Was I wrong. The truth is, Honda also has a line of home equipment from lawnmowers to snowblowers to brush cutters and hedge trimmers to salt spreaders, grills and a host of other Honda equipment and accessories. Knew about this only recently when I stumbled upon this honda generator site that has supplies for all things Honda. A good place to look if you need Honda supplies or replacement parts.


  1. Well the trend in most organizations are to capture anything and everything under the sun from A-brasive to Z-inc in all house hold. Just like banks now would go all out to garner at least 9 accounts starting from just a simple savings account to current, credit card, housing loan, insurance, investment etc. Oh Bananaz got nothing of Honda at home or on the road~;).

  2. Cannot afford a Honda. A Honda lawnmower also unlikely can buy since I live in a flat! LOL

  3. hmmm, nice discovery.. or maybe Suzuki and Toyota have also their lawnmower range?? wonder if Benz has that?? haha..

  4. Anonymous7:16 PM

    I don't own a Honda. I prefer Toyota when it comes to choice of cars though.