Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sufiah Yusof, Maths Genius

I stumbled upon this old story that was a hot topic of the day back in 2008. Remember Sufiah Yusof, the Malaysia Math genius who got into Oxford University at just age 13 and who chose to remain in the field of the oldest trade in the world, prostitution?

I remember laughing (in disbelief) back then when I read that there were people who felt that she needed rescuing and probably to drag her back to Malaysia for rehabilitation treatment!

In an interview with “News of the World”, 23-year-old Sufiah boasts “My clients love the fact that I can stimulate their minds AND their bodies … And I don’t believe my education has been wasted – in fact I usually take problem sheets with me to solve before appointments …

Read the story here..Maths Genius Sufiah enjoys Sex Career, no Regrets, FinanceTwitter

According to Wikipedia: Sufiah Yusof (born 1984) is a British mathematics prodigy originally from Malaysia. She is now working as a social worker.


  1. hmmm, was there such a news back then?? i cannot recall at all, at least she is still proud and happy with herself and her life, so that's enough~~ :)

  2. She is using her maths to earn more money at a much shorter time by multiplication.

  3. SK, yeah, there was a lot of fuss at that time about sending people over to rescue her and bring her back for rehab. I was thinking what made these people think she needed rescuing. Puleeeese!

    My thinking is, everyone has a right to his/her choice of job and she chooses to be a sex worker. At least, I think she has job satisfaction. :D

  4. Bananaz, you got it!

  5. Oh no more news of her nowadays? Wonder how is her life right now!

  6. Foong, no news is good news? I want to believe she is doing well.

  7. Check this one out . She is now working as a social worker since early 2009

  8. Hi Shairah, thanks for pointing that out. I guess you must have missed the last part of the post, in the Update.

    Thank you for stopping by.