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Reggae Mansion Kuala Lumpur - Rave Reviews - Updated Jan 2013

Source: The Star

This sky-blue 3-storey building on the junction of Jalan Tun Perak and Jalan Tun H.S Lee in Kuala Lumpur is the new kid of hostels in town.

Reggae Mansion is a hostel for international backpackers. Only difference is, it does not host Malaysians, Indians and Middle-Eastern nationals which is causing an uproar among local Malaysians. Please see update below.

The hostel is not accessible to wheelchair-bound people (hostel has no lift) and those aged above 60 (Reggae Mansion is a backpacker and party hostel). These conditions are stated on their website. Formerly, Malaysians, Indians and Middle-Eastern nationals were not allowed but the conditions have changed to the following:

The hostel chain which operates here (KL) and in Penang said it provides Western meals and drinks which are not suitable for Muslims, and thus the “ban” is out of respect for the religion.

Reggae Mansion is strategically located in the city. It is near Chinatown, the nearest LRT station (Masjid Jamek station) is a mere 5-minute walk away. McDonald's and Burger King restaurants are closeby. Their rooftop Skybar serves a wide range of *ALCOHOLIC drinks and the kitchen offers their famous WESTERN and ASIAN food menus *NON HALAL.

While locals are calling for a boycott of the hostel, overseas travellers who have stayed at the hostel gave rave reviews. One guest touted it as the “best hostel i have EVER stayed”; another “The best place to stay in KL”, yet another called it “A no-expense spared backpacker palace!” One other commented, I'll stay with them again and again. In all fairness, there are some minor concerns but the positives far outweigh the negatives. You can read the reviews on Tripadvisor. Rooms are clean and secure, privacy assured, more than adequate bathrooms, ample room space, good wifi, great rooftop bar with views of the Petronas Twin Towers and the KL Tower, cheap beer are some of the inputs.

However, all restrictions have been lifted as Reggae Mansion has reversed their policy on guests.

For rooms, you have a choice of either Private Rooms or Dormitory. Tripadvisor has these pictures..
The Restaurant

Reggae Mansion Kuala Lumpur is located at
49-59, Jalan Tun H.S. Lee, Kuala Lumpur 50000, Malaysia
T : +603 20726877; +603 20726878
F : +603 20726876

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  1. Anonymous8:30 PM

    "In all fairness, there are some minor concerns but the positives far outweigh the negatives."

    you are joking right!.but again you could be a racist they say ,people with same mindset tend to flock together.hilter would be proud of you.

  2. People are entitled to their own views.

    But giving harsh comments under anonymity is cowardice.

  3. Reggae Mansion? Oh now only know haha tQ for the post. Cowabunga! Happy holidays to you too.

  4. you know what?? the other day i just passed by this Reggae Mansion and was so impressed by the exterior design, haha.. it actually looks more stunning from the back..

  5. Well, business is business,as long as they do not flout the municipal laws,doing illicit business, I think they can set whatever outrageous rules and regulations as they like,I have no qualms about is after all their business,not ours and having said that we too have the right to boycott them if we think they are being racist or whatever,right?

    Isn't it the same if our gomen,barring us from visiting certain countries,because they are "this and that"?

  6. I totally agree with Eugene. Nobody forcing us to go there. And if not for the news about it coming up in the papers, I don't think most Malaysian know about this place either.

  7. Anonymous10:44 PM

    Reggae Mansion is owned by a chinaman named Robert Khoo. Ironically, the chinese complain of being marginalised in Malaysia.

  8. Rose Khan10:21 AM

    Okay, in the issue is in regards to being respectful to Muslims, I understand the desire of wanting to ban Malaysians (not really, because Malaysians aren't made up of only Muslims) and Arabs.

    But what is up with them banning Indians? To my knowledge, majority of Indians are Hindus.

    Also,Malaysians are quite aware of the backpacking scene. The ones who come down from Penang or are waiting for a flight in the morning often are in desperate need for affordable accommodation. Backpacking is booming with Malaysian youth. They shouldn't assume that Malaysians are a hassle. Even if they do feel that way, they should treat an online booking equal to others, no matter the nationality. With hostelworld, a 10% credit card down payment is required. And this helps slightly separate the goodies and the baddies.

    I think we as Malaysians should unite to change a blatant act of racism. There are many other hostels around the area with the same price range, who don't discriminate. Those places are the ones I would fully support to represent our country in hospitality.

  9. Anonymous11:39 PM

    Now the terrorists know which building to bomb. No Malaysians will die. No Muslims will die. Only white people whom they hate like hell. Actually it is done on purpose because which Malaysian knows what is real cleanliness, dry and clean toilets, being drunk like hell; Malaysians do not know and therefore it is good they are made to stay out. The positive outweigh the negative.

  10. hi, this is interesting. i only read this now.
    let me tell you why they ban locals from staying there.
    i know why because i stayed in such a hostel in delhi, india.which ban local indians from coming inside. i finished my tour in india, and was so tired of the indians pestering me to buy things that i was so glad to be able to stay in a hostel where they are banned.
    so maybe that is what happens to foreigners in malaysia. they are tired of being targetted and pestered by local street people and must be so glad to be inside a hostel where they wont get pestered.
    i got fedup with the local street traders and beggars in india even though they did not bother me as much as the white foreigners, so u can imagine what it must be like for the white travellers. maybe we malaysians never know how persistent the local traders and beggars are in kl, because we never get bothered by them. but u just have to see how they surround a foreign tourist for u to get some idea of how awful it must be for them.

  11. Rose Khan7:05 PM

    I hope you know that that is a silly excuse for Reggae to ban Malaysians. I used to live in India, and there is a vast difference between their methods of convincing people to purchase their items, with ours.

    How can anyone agree on this?

  12. why this guy must mention the word reggae ,is this chinaman really a rastaman....or just put up some sign written reggae for bacpackers attraction for biz , thats no good man reggae is for everybody...respect,to love , for peace.......this is totally wrong pls dont use reggae word.....shame on all rastafari and to all reggae lover ....this is fake doing biz ..what do you know mr khoo the owner about reggae do you think put the three colour green yellow red...on your wall or put some bob marley song played thats all man thats fake......reggae is from your soul....inna , pls this mr khoo fake......peace love n harmony from penang island rstafeet.......

  13. I guest this is an old post and details were not updated. I just made a phone call to the hostel at 7/7/2013, they said all nationalities are welcomed.

    1. It turns out I was very wrong, my booking was cancelled because of "fully booked" but the truth is, I am can't stay at this hotel just because I'm local.