Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bangkok flood in Pictures

If a picture is worth a thousand words, below are thousands about the flood in Bangkok or rather Thailand now. These images were received in an email and no source was quoted. I would like to credit the source so if you have information about the source, please let me know in the Comments.

And my favorite..A monkey helping a dog/puppy. Just look at the monkey's expression. Aww!

Meanwhile, the floods in Thailand are pushing up prices of fresh produce in the northern states of Malaysia including in Kedah. Prices of fish, red chillies and vegetables have increased sharply as a result of the floods in Thailand. Due to its proximity to the northern states, Thailand is the main exporter of these produce.

Red chillies are now going for between RM13 to RM15 a kg from RM8 to RM10 previously; RM3.50 for mustard (from RM2.50 previously), RM5 for tomatoes (RM4), RM5 for lime (RM3), RM3 for ladies' finger (RM1.50) and RM3.50 for cucumber (RM2). Source: The Star

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  1. OMG! Those poor piggies!! What is that person holding in the second picture?!!!

  2. OMG! There's a crocodile! I can't imagine walking in the flood knowing crocodiles are in the water!!! What a nightmare!

  3. Hope the flood will go away soon! I guess the flood is coming to Malaysia very soon! There goes my plan to visit Kelantan this year end : (