Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Side effects of Actos, a Diabetes drug

I read in the papers the other day that Diabetes is on the rise here in Malaysia. Our current sedentary lifestyle - bad food choices and lack of exercise - have contributed to this sad state. Fortunately, diabetes can be controlled with medication.

There are lots of medications/drugs that patients are being prescribed, one such is Actos. However, it has been found that this diabetes medication has caused some serious side effects including frequent urination and blood in urine. More serious side effects include bladder cancer, heart failure, liver damage and others.

In the United States, there are actos attorneys who are experienced and very well-versed in handling Actos claims for compensation with extremely successful outcomes.

Are you taking diabetes medication? Do you know what medication it is? It pays to know.


  1. This is life you take certain drug to cure one disease and develop another just as deadly. tQ.

  2. Scary, isn't it and the worst part is, you don't know which is worse.

  3. Actos Bladder Cancer Lawsuit  There are many people who are affected by the side effects of using unsafe drugs in market. But many among them are not aware of claiming their rights in lawsuit. I thank this site for providing a better awareness for those people and for forwarding legal ways to claim their rights for adverse health issues they possess.

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