Thursday, November 10, 2011

What will you be doing at 11.11am on 11-11-11?

Enjoying the peace and quiet in the office right now. For some strange reason, the office is awfully quiet today. All I see and feel is the sunshine streaming in from a hot 93-deg F day outside, co-workers extremely busy minding their own business, the aroma of coffee wafting through the air and the peace around me. Savor the moment, I tell myself.

Talk about savoring the moment, here is a thought: What will be doing tomorrow, November 11 at 11:11am - 11-11-11?

Will the moment catch you doing something goofy, or something meaningful and special (getting married perhaps or witnessing a birth) or something mundane and routine like sharpening pencils or still snuggling up in bed. Now there's a thought..

Record that moment and perhaps share it with the world if you like for we will not experience the moment again in this lifetime because it will only happen a hundred years (plus one day) from now.

The Star hopes you will share that moment with them. You can email them at, send them a tweet to @staronline, use the hashtag #star111111), or Facebook them at

Now let me get back to savoring a beautifully quiet afternoon in the office. Toodle-loo..

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  1. Everybody would be waiting for 11:11:11 haha. Movies, weddings, proposals etc etc would love this date. What will Bananaz be doing on this date and at 11am? It's just another day. haha.

  2. Working. 11.11.11 is gonna be the same as 10.10.10 for me. xD

  3. hmmm, interesting.. while i am looking forward to 11:11am on 11.11.11, most probably i'll just be doing my work and it just sneak through without me noticing it~~ just like 10:10am on 10.10.10.. :D