Monday, November 21, 2011

Best Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes from Delish

Malaysians, comprising of diverse ethnic groups, celebrate a variety of festivals and holidays, each culture having its own unique celebrations. Even Thanksgiving, which is celebrated primarily in the United States and Canada has also caught on here. My local friends celebrate the holiday each year. Thanksgiving in Canada is celebrated on the second Monday of October and on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States. This Thursday is Thanksgiving Day in the United States.

Over here in Kuala Lumpur, Thanksgiving dinners can also be enjoyed in most of the 5-star hotels. Of course, turkey will be on the menu with all the right dressings, deserts and such. What would Thanksgiving be without turkey, eh?

This being Thanksgiving week, chefs at home would be busy sourcing and shopping for ingredients to cook up a delicious turkey dinner. Thanksgiving isn't Thanksgiving without a turkey, after all it is the star or centerpiece of the meal.

If you would like to try something different this year, i.e., cook your turkey a different way from your usual, here are some Thanksgiving turkey recipes you can check out - deliciously seasoned, glazed, stuffed, or rubbed turkey recipes with homemade gravy. Recipes are compiled by Kara Rodemer on Delish.

All recipes can be found on the Delish website where there are also more turkey ideas and recipes, stuffing how-to's as well as answers to your questions on turkey. Let's have a sneak peek.

Butter-Basted Roast Turkey with Mushroom Gravy
The star of Thanksgiving will be this roast turkey, glazed with a buttery herb sauce and encircled by fresh herbs and fruits. Serve this with a lighter-than-expected Sourdough Mushroom Stuffing.

Apricot-Glazed Turkey with Fresh Herb Gravy
The gorgeous mahogany color of this roasted turkey comes from a glaze of lemon-infused apricot jam.

Citrus-Marinated Turkey
Jose Garces prepares this turkey in the same style as a traditional Yucatán dish called cochinita pibil, a slow-roasted pork marinated in citrus and annatto paste (made from achiote seeds, the condiment adds an orange hue to foods). Brining and marinating the bird make it especially succulent.

Herb-Roasted Turkey
Stuffed with onion, apple, lemon, orange, and fresh herbs, this turkey will fill the house with a tantalizing aroma. Make sure you show this beauty off at the table before you carve it. Garnish your serving platter with fresh herb sprigs and citrus wedges.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. just don't think thanksgiving is as widely known as halloween over here yeah?? or maybe some years later.. hmmm, turkey, i still remember how huge the wings are~~ haha!! :D

  2. I used to have turkey during Christmas every year but not anymore after my auntie has passed away. :(

  3. During my last Thanksgiving dinner in colleague's house the host jokingly said the price of turkey has broken through the ceiling 4 folds and contemplating to replace by a big fat chicken if prices keep escalating sky high haha.

    Just like the 'Pai Ti Kong' prayers on the eve of 9th Day of CNY some people have started to offer suckling pig instead of the usual one huge roasted oink oink costing a thousand ringgit and the other reason is they need a week's time to finish eating.

  4. SK, if Halloween is more popular here, it must be the costume parties associated with it. The turkey is intimidating when it's all blown up. But rather a handsome fowl, I must say.

  5. Tekkaus, aww, so sorry to hear that. Guess you or your missus will have to learn how to cook turkey then. Here, recipes to start you off. :)

  6. Bananaz, that sounds familiar - everything going up.

    A friend used to have a roast lamb at his annual party but for the past few parties, no sight of roast lamb. Good in a way.