Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Further updates on Bangkok flood situation, Nov 1

Sorry to sound like an old record but since the last update on the flood situation, the blog is still getting hits on the flood situation so thought some new updates would be good to provide an inkling on the situation.

The following are from various sources as put together by the Thailand Tourism site. The Bangkok Post says, Inner Bangkok passes danger point as today is the last day of high tide. Bangkok North sees reduced water volume at Khlong Rangsit, Bang Pa-in. Click the link for the rest of the article.

The Suvarnabhumi Airport is still fully operational at the moment and is ready for floods. Airport officers are monitoring water levels at six flood gates including Lat Krabang, Saen Saeb and Samrong. Airlines operating at the airport are notified of water level every three hours, to ensure smooth aviation operations in Thailand despite the flooding in Don Muang Airport. The airport yesterday accommodated 945 flights, a new daily record since the opening.

Thailand Tourism site has a good map of Affected and Unaffected areas. There is also useful contact numbers for Flood Information, Highway Hotline, Highway Police, Visa Inquiry, etc. Check out the Thailand Tourism site here.

Humans are not the only ones in distress during emergencies. Animals are too, perhaps even more so, as seen on some images received via email the other day. Will have them up in a separate post. Look out for them.


  1. Where got? Put Thai nit noi. Kop kun krap. Nandri.

    Pray the situation in BKK gets better day after day. tQ.

  2. I hope the flood in Thailand will go away soon. I think we Malaysians better start bracing for flood soon!

  3. glad that the worst situations has already passed, and hope to see speedy recovery for Thailand..

  4. Actually, even Peninsula Malaysia receives more rainfall this year than in the past.

  5. all the best~

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  6. Hahaha Bananaz sik siew siew pan toi piew..knows only one or two words..lolz.