Friday, November 18, 2011

Job Search made easy

Are you looking for a job or looking to switch jobs or helping someone find work? Help is on the way. Scroll down right to the bottom of this page where you will see a Job Search box.

This is a Careerjet search box for Job Search. What you need do is just key in the job (What) you are looking for and the location (Where) of where you would like to work. Hit 'Find' and you will get a list of jobs available in the location keyed in.

Careerjet maps an extensive selection of job offerings by listing worldwide job vacancies in one database. Traffic is driven to the original job listing website (company websites, recruitment agencies, newspapers, etc.).

Give it a try. This is a cool search tool and the job options are tremendous.

The image below is what the Search box looks like, This one is just an image so it won't work. For actual usage, you will need to go to the Job Search box at the bottom of this page. Happy searching..


  1. FYI the link didn't work perhaps you have missed th elink. However Bananaz went to the site manually and this is what I get..

    "We couldn't find any job matching your criteria. You may want to try one of the following searches"

    What: "CEO"
    Where: "Jupiter"

    hahaha. Have a great weekend. Waiting for your Friday Frolics.

  2. Bananaz, oops! That is just an image to give readers an idea of what to look out for. The one to use is right at the bottom of the page. My apologies for not being clear. Have reworded that part. Thanks for the headsup.

    LOL on the response you got. Try Earth. :O

    Friday Frolics coming right up. TQ..