Saturday, May 26, 2012

1Malaysia Pad - new Tablet in the market

If you haven't had enough of 1Malaysia programs and products, here is one more to add to the stable, the 1Malaysia Pad, a new tablet in the market. I remember when Apple's iPad was unveiled, the name created quite a stir, and now we have our very own...Pad!

Officially unveiled at a soft launch yesterday, this 7-inch pad, using the Android Gingerbread operating system is claimed to be on par with the ones currently available in the market. The 1Malaysia Pad is developed by MalTechPro Sdn Bhd and will be in the market next month after its official launch at an introductory price of RM999 for the first 5,000 units.

The tablet which can be customised to a client's needs also comes with built-in applications including the 1Malaysia Messenger or 1MM app which offers free messaging between users like popular applications such as WhatsApp and Blackberry Messenger. The tablet comes with two cameras – 3.0 megapixel device at the back and a 0.3 megapixel in the front – WiFi and 3G data capabilities, a Li-Polymer 4000mAH battery and a 32GB micro SD memory card.

MalTechPro being an apps (applications developer provides customisation of the 1Malaysia Pad according to the needs of the client.

It has been reported that Malaysia is the largest tablet market in South-East Asia, racking up sales worth US$374mil (RM1.18bil) last year. When it gets launched next month, will the store be needing rope stanchions to keep enthusiastic customers in line? We'll see.

Source: The Star


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  2. hahahaha!! another one after THAT automobile manufacturer~~ :p

  3. Are they serious? LOL! Well, maybe people will buy and buy and make it the top selling tablet of 2012! : D

  4. I'm sure the pampered teenagers of this country want a better tablet...

  5. Tiger sparrow, thanks for stopping by.

  6. SK, trust me, there'll be more 1Malaysia stuff - enough to form a decent list of 1Malaysia items.

  7. Foong, chan-chee-mo-kum-chan. LOL

    Huh?, ..people will buy and buy and make it the top selling tablet of 2012! You think?

  8. KS, a better tablet as in a branded one, no doubt.

    Looking forward to your next post.